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  • Students Speak Out

    Current Events and Involvement

    There is only a small percentage of this great nation that realize the miracle of its political system. To kee…

  • Students Speak Out

    Volunteer: It Makes a Difference

    Volunteer: It Makes a Difference By: Madison Gewalt Are you looking for ways to make your college application…

  • Students Speak Out

    Improving your ACT

    Improving your ACT By: Logan Jackson For the last couple of decades high school students have strictly…

  • Career

    Networking Your Way to Success

    Networking Your Way to Success By: Cody Lee Most people have heard the phrase, "It is not what you know, it…

  • Career

    Instate vs. Out-of-state Tuition

    Future college students are often limited in their choices for their education by the cost of tuition. The cos…

  • Career

    Surviving the Move to College

    Moving away from home and settling into a new environment takes a lot of preparation. You will be completley i…

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