Truck Driving Program Directory

Semi-trucks are the vehicles that send supplies accross the nation. A career in truck driving will allow you many hours on the road, exploring new areas. As expected, there is some critical training that must first be acquired before you can take your place behind the wheel. Below, we have put together a directory of schools and programs that offer the training that you need in order to take your place on the road. 

Affordable Truck Driver Training, LLC.
American Truck Driving Academy

Bevill State Community College
Jeffrey Anderson
(800)648-3271 ext.3256

Bishop State Community College
Brad Wallace 

Calhoun State Community College

Premier Driving Academy

Reid State Technical College
Gerald Steege
(251)578-1313 ext. 182

Shelton State Community College
Rachel Waldrop

Southern State Community College
J.T. Smith
(800)628-7722 ext. 4560

Southern Union State Community College
Mike Kiser
(334)745-6437 ext. 5524

Trenholm State Community College
Frank Dreyfus

Truck Driver Institute