Enlisting in a branch of the military is an excellent option for all graduates. Whether you plan on attending college, or want to begin a career, the military can help you reach your goals and surpass them.

     Regardless of what you are looking to pursue, each branch has different jobs and opportunities available. Take the time to research each one, and to find the branch that has the career for you. Many have various programs that include incentives of earning money for higher education through scholarships or grants. There are also several training programs that can help make you highly qaulified and competitve in the job market. Speak with representatives from each branch, and find which one can offer the most for your goals. 


Another option to consider through the military is the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) available on college campuses across the state. Through ROTC you are able to complete your higher education while also training to become an officer in the military. The program helps to develope leadership, and strong reasoning skills, that can be carried out through the classroom and after graduation. Upon graduation you will enter into the military with an earned rank, and a college degree in hand. Our military board on Pinterest has numerous resources that includes links to every ROTC program in the state of Alabama. You can find it here: You can also check out our exclusive article by Recruiting Operations Officer, Joseph Masarik on our website:


The United States Army traces its roots back to June 14, 1775 when The Second Continental Congress formed the Continental Army. Today, the Army is compiled with over 700,000 soldiers trained and ready to defend our nation. Learn more at:


The orgin of the National Guard can be followed back to 1636 when "Citizen Soldiers" created militias to defend their communitites. A career in the National Guard today reamins true, with the typical Guard Soldier spending more time at home and in their local community. Find out more at:


The official formation of the Marines can be connected to two battalions founded on November 10,1775. Following the path of a Marine will challenge you mentally and physically, to make you become the best that you can be. Learn more at:


The United States Navy can be traced back to October 13, 1775. The Navy strives to help with humanitarian efforts all over the world, and a career in the Navy can mean helping out in a global way. From air to sea, the Navy reaches out a lending hand. Find out more at:


The United States Coast Guard was established in 1790 to prevent smuggling and to enforce federal law on the sea. Today, the Coast Guard serves as law enforcement, rescues, and monitors on the water during peaceful times, and as part of the Navy during times of war. Learn more at:


The Air Force first took to the skies in 1914. Since then, the United States Air Force has worked hard to remain the best in the world. Today, the Air Force leads the way in air, space, and cyberspace. A career in the Air Force will lead to key career development, and invaluable training. Find out more at: