Ten Major Options

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In today’s society, going to college is a path that most high school graduates choose to follow.  Over sixty percent of those graduates attend college in the fall following their high school graduation, which is a large increase compared to past years.  High school seniors face many tough decisions during their final year at their alma mater, ranging from what to wear to the prom, where to go to college, and (most importantly) what to do for the rest of your life.  

This is a terrifying question for most people, but especially if your response is “I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life.”  Try not to panic, because choosing to be an undecided major is always a good option.  


While taking your basic classes, you will more than likely figure out your field of interest.  At most universities, your basic classes are typically a science, a math, a social science, a history, and an English course.  Then, from taking all of those courses, you can narrow down what major will be right for you.  If you barely passed the biology course your freshman year, then you probably stay away from nursing school, and if math is not your thing, then you more than likely should not decide to be an accountant. 


Choosing a major is definitely a big decision, but changing a major is also something that many college freshmen do.  Most college students have changed their major, and whether you change it only once, or more than a few times, it is not that big of a deal.  In changing your major, you might be a little bit behind on your “four-year plan to graduation”, but that can be okay because very rarely do students actually graduate in four years anymore. 


So you are coming into college and you have not even looked at what majors are out there.  You just know you want to make a lot of money and you do not want to be in school for twenty years. Well, I have compiled a list of 10 majors for careers that will earn a decent income and allow you to graduate before you have gray hair.  They are: 


10. Biology- Most people who are interested in working with anything in the medical field choose to major in biology, especially if their school does not have a pre-med major.  With a major of biology though, you are not just tied down to being a doctor or nurse.   You can choose to work with people, plants, animals, or even the ecosystem.  You can decide to be in a more research-based job and stay in a lab all day to find the cure for some disease, or you can work outside and learn how a certain species of tree impacts the environment.  With a degree in biology, you will never be bored.

9. Computer Science- Since everything we do in the world today is pretty much run by computers, computer science is a major that will be popular for a long time to come.    With a degree in computer science you will be qualified for a number of careers, such as working with robotics, learning programming languages, developing artificial intelligence, or creating gaming technology.  So whether you want to change the world with a new computer program, or just design a fun video game for kids, computer science is definitely the major for you.  

8. Communications- Communication is the key to life, and without it the world would not function properly. With any major, you will be required to take a basic speech class so you can communicate effectively and efficiently.  With a communication degree, you could choose to work in human resources, public relations, government, or even the media.  Just be prepared to write a lot of papers and give a lot of speeches if you decide that communication is the major for you. 

7. Government/ Political Science- Politics is a field that everyone thinks that they know everything about, when in all reality Facebook is not considered a political forum for citizens to voice their concerns.  Choosing to major in government or political science will help you to voice your opinions on politics, as well as to provoke your own thought and theory based on the history of past governments.  With a degree in government or political science, most people choose to either go to law school or to lean more to the political side and either run for office or help someone run for office.

6. English Language and Literature- Majoring in English can help you understand the language more, or help someone where English may be a second language.  With this degree you could also become a professor, go to law school, or even run for office. With a major in English, your options are not at all limited in what you can do.

5. Liberal Arts- Majoring in liberal arts is a great option if you have a hard time deciding exactly what you want to do one day.  With liberal arts, you are able to study a large range of courses that would interest you, such as biology, political science, math, communications, and many more.  Just like the wide range of courses, there is also a wide range of what you are able to do with a degree in liberal arts.  You could choose to focus on law, business, education, journalism, or even entrepreneurship. 

4. Economics- A major in economics is very popular today because you would work to manage money and allocate resources, which are tools often used in today’s society.  If you like math and critical thinking, economics may be a great fit for you. You will study the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services, and learn how all of that relates back to the needs of the modern world. 

3. Engineering- Within the engineering major, there are tons of other routes to choose from, such as electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, or even chemical engineering.  But anyone choosing to major in an engineering field must be a person willing to work long hours to create something amazing. You would also work with people to develop the different types of tools and structures needed in the product you are engineering.  Any type of engineering career will be more highly paid than most majors, but the schooling is a little more difficult with multiple math and science courses.

2. Nursing- Nursing is a more popular major for those who are passionate about helping others.  Nursing school, however, comes with lots of blood, sweat, and tears as it is a more difficult major.  However, a nursing degree comes with a pretty high guarantee of job placement, since nurses are always needed.  Within nursing there are multiple avenues to direct your focus, from the operating room to pediatrics.  While in nursing school you will find your best fit while going on rounds to hospitals, visiting different types of nursing specialties that will help give you great insight into a future career path.

1. Business- Business is a major that has always been more popular, mainly because it is a broad field with many options.  Great leaders tend to gravitate to business majors because there are tons of skills needed in a business major that a leader should possess.  Whether speaking, problem solving, or decision-making, business majors help to mold the world today. Within business you can choose to focus on marketing, management, accounting, finance, economics, statistics, or human resources.  Just be sure that you keep a balance because, with a degree in business, you will be faced with multiple facets of the work environment today. 


    If your potential major was not listed, that does not mean that it is not a great major for you!  These are just a few majors that most students seem to enjoy, based on my observations, and they end up with a job they love.  


Keep in mind that your first year in college will be very stressful and that you may change your major multiple times.   Remember, however, that college is about finding yourself and finding the person that you want to become. So study smart, get involved, and have a great freshman year!




Hailey Scott is a senior at Jacksonville State University with a major in Accounting and a minor in Political Science.