Nutritious Lunches?

Nutritious lunches?
Should Trump Roll Back Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Program?
Rayley Nelson

Recently, President Donald Trump rolled back some of the guidelines Michelle Obama put in place for school lunches. The former First Lady created nutritional guidelines for schools in 2012. There has been a controversy over whether or not these nutritional guidelines should be used, since. To me, the cost of healthy food is more expensive, and the food is often thrown away by kids that do not like it.

According to an article written by The New York Times, for the past five years, schools have had to reduce the amount of calories, fat, and sodium in meals. Schools also had to increase the amount of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and nonfat milk. These new rules costed an additional $1.22 billion in 2015. There has also been a decline in federal school lunch programs since. Nutritionists  may argue that these foods are better and have lowered childhood obesity; however, they have caused many students to skip lunch because the food is not good. This results in children not getting any nutrition at all from the “nutritious meals”.

For example, some of my friends wake up late and do not have time to eat breakfast or fix their lunch, if the cafeteria is serving lasagna rolls, one of the less favorable meals for example, they often skip lunch altogether and do not eat again until supper. One may argue that they should wake up early, but everyone sleeps in sometimes. I have noticed many of these friends are sick more than those who eat lunch. Often, they have practice after school and do not eat until nine or ten o'clock at night. How is that healthier?

Other kids get their parents to bring them food or check out to go get it. Some of them get Zaxby’s, McDonald's, or Taco Bell and eat that instead of the disgusting school lunch. If the guidelines are cut back on some nutritional requirements kids would not miss school to go get something to eat and would be more likely to eat a healthier lunch, that is also tasty at school.

My friends and I personally often eat leftovers from supper the night before since the Obama guidelines. These guidelines have caused us to fix a lunch that is not very nutritious at all. If we forget the leftovers when we leave for school, we often eat chips or other unhealthy snacks from the vending machines. This is nowhere near as healthy as a school lunch, but the lunch is not good. If the programs are cut back and the lunches are good again then we would eat the school lunch and have a healthier meal that would enhance academic performance.
Although we do not want to face it, school lunch is the only meal some kids get. If these kids are not able to afford food outside of school and are on the free lunch program, then they may have to skip their only meal at school. How is it justified to serve these foods that administrators know are not being eaten? For the kids that only have a school lunch as their daily meal, they deserve a lunch that will help them perform better in school and that will fill them up for the rest of the day.

Students are not always going to be restricted as to what they can and can not eat. Once they graduate how can anyone make them follow the guidelines? Or what about at home? These nutritional guidelines were put in place to make American kids healthier, but instead they are making kids turn away from school lunch. Maybe the lunch will go back to how it was before, and more kids will be able to enjoy cafeteria food. President Trump had the right intention to roll back some of Michelle Obama’s nutritional guidelines in schools.