Improving your ACT

Improving your ACT
By: Logan Jackson 

For the last couple of decades high school students have strictly stressed on their GPA. Having a high GPA is essential to all colleges and is regarded decidedly. Though having a high GPA is great, it alone can not get you into some of the major colleges. Your ACT plays a significant impact on whether you get the offer or not, and is more important than GPA if you are wanting to go to college. There are several ways to improve your ACT and to get into your top college choices: take practice tests and time yourself, learn everything you can about the ACT and what will be on it, and relax.

One specific reason students fail to achieve the score they would like on the ACT, is lack of time. It is crucial to take many practice tests before taking the real test, because it is common for students to run out of time. There are many strategies for time management on the ACT. Some basic but very effective tips I found helpful, is to not read the instructions. By doing this, you will save time. Most instructions on the ACT are very basic and common sense. For the science portion, try to attempt the Data Representation and Research Summary first (these are the easiest because you only need to see the graph to answer them) and save Conflict Viewpoint Passage for the end. Lastly, use the process of elimination, it is always good to narrow down your answers if you are able. I personally have used these strategies and have been able to finish tests in the time given.

It would be nice if we knew everything that was going to be on the ACT before we took it, right? You can! There are tons of websites and tutors that can inform you tremendously for the ACT. One online website that is very effective at improving student's ACT score is This website has helped students improve their scores as much as 8 points! However, if you are not interested in online classes, or may not have access to them, there are tons of private personal tutors for the ACT. Try signing up for ACT prep classes at school also. If your school does not have one, you can try suggesting one to your counselor or principal.

Being nervous or panicked is one of the worse things you can do before taking the ACT. It is very important that you relax and stay focused before taking the ACT. Try to calm your mind and stay off social media before the test, as it can distract you while taking the test. It is also important to eat before taking the test. The ACT is approximately 3 hours long, so you will need energy to take this test.
Along with the other tips to improve your ACT score, I suggest reading a book or magazine before taking your test. This will help you wake up and begin to think. If you are planning to take the writing portion of the ACT, I suggest reading magazine articles and other authors several weeks in advance to improve your own writing crucially.

The ACT is significant when trying to get a college scholarship. Through practice and being informed with what is on the test, you can see a substantial improvement on your ACT.