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More than Success in the Season

Delayed gratification from sports teach athletes many lessons that will have lasting effects on their life.

Nutritious Lunches?

With the recent changes in school lunches, what do students think?

Making the Most of Junior Year

Junior year can be the most stressful year for anyone that is striving to go to that top-notch school.

Current Events and Involvement

There is only a small percentage of this great nation that realize the miracle of its political system. To keep the American Dream alive, students today should be learning everything they can about what goes on in Washington, and what is good or bad for the nation.

Volunteer: It Makes a Difference

Volunteer: It Makes a Difference By: Madison Gewalt Are you looking for ways to make your college application better? You might have the grades and a high ACT score, but did you know that most colleges look for how many volunteer hours you have? I know that I never wanted to cut grass or watch over screaming kids and I have always had the love for animals. When I was little I wanted to be a vet, so I had the idea that I could volunteer at a dog/cat rescue. The thought of spending all day just p…

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