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A Day in the Life of a Second Year Med Student
Spring 2016 | Permalink | Category: Career

What does a typical day look like for students studying medicine?

To Nurse or Not to Nurse? That is the question!
Fall 2013 | Permalink | Category: Career

To Nurse or Not to Nurse? That is the Question! By: Marsha Hardy Boswell RN, BSN, MSEd, NBCT Every year approximately three out of every ten students who enroll in nursing will actually complete their studies and obtain a degree. Why do so many students change their major? Before you can embark on a career in nursing, you need to be knowledgable about the characteristics and skills required to be a successful nurse. There are many reasons to choose nursing as a career, but are you maki…

More than Success in the Season

Delayed gratification from sports teach athletes many lessons that will have lasting effects on their life.

Giving Back to the Community One Chance at a Time

Giving Back to the Community One Chance at a Time! By: Madison Gewalt Have you ever had a chance to give back to kids in your community? Did you take it? This past year I had the chance to be a junior coach for a Level 2 all-star team at Kay-la’s Gymnastics and Cheer in Boaz. I did all-stars at KGC for five years and have cheered for a rec/school team for eleven years. Having the opportunity to work with girls wanting to achieve the same goals I wanted to achieve at their age has taugh…

The Rewards of being a Patient Care Speacialist
Fall 2016 | Permalink | Category: Career

Is the healthcare field something of interest to you?

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