Following the path of career technical pursuits, can earn you some of the greatest skill sets and training necessary to suceed. Whether you plan on attending a local college for training, or to learn on the job, and internship or co-op can kickstart your career and help make you a more qualified candidate for jobs and opportunities later in life. Research companies around you that offer internships or co-ops, and find the one that best suits your interests. 

3M-Decatur, Alabama 
An internship with 3M can offer you a variety of options for experience and training. A company known best for their everyday products, 3M can help with invaluable programs. Options for students or newly graduated studetns include frontline sales, strategic business development program, integrated marketing development program, and optimized operation. 
Phone Number: (256)552-6132 

Eastman Chemical Company-Anniston, Alabama
Interning with Eastman Chemical Company expands beyond a degree with chemical or enginnering. There are multitudes of different options available to students, that can allow you to begin your career in a global company. Eastman Chemical Company provides the technology companies need to create the things we use daily. Different focuses of internship include information technology, legal, engineering, marketing, finance, accounting, and supply chain. 
Phone Number: (256)236-6381

Automotive Collision Repair

If working with vehicles sounds like a dream come true, an automotive collision repair technichian may be the career for you. A job that will always have a steady employment rate, earning a certificate can boost your chances of being hired. Typically programs take just under two years, and offer multiple hands-on experience opportunities. Follow the heading to our directory of automotive collision repair programs in the state of Alabama.

Carpentry/Cabinet Making

A career in carpentry requires imagination, creativity, and math skills. Follow the header to be taken to our directory or carpentry programs in Alabama. 
Child Development

With more and more focus being on early childhood development and education in the state of Alabama, a career in Child Development is one sure to have job security and an incresing demand in the upcoming years. Follow the header to be taken to the Child Development program directory. 
A career in cosmetology takes creativity, time management, and skills. Learning the trade of cosmetology only takes a year in most cosmetology programs, and can help you develop a skill that you can turn into a career. Follow the header to be taken to our directory of cosmetology schools and programs in the state of Alabama. 


Entering the field of nursing begins a career that makes a difference. Being a nurse requires understanding, empathy, and respect. When making the decision on where to begin your journey as a nurse, it is important to consider your options. Follow the heading to our community college nursing directory.
Truck Driving 

A career behind the wheel can take you many places. There is always a need for more truck drivers, and it can take you places all across the state and the nation. Follow the link in the header for our directory of schools and programs in the state of Alabama. 

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