About Us


​    Alabama College and Career Guide is Alabama's premier source for advice on life after high school. From career tech to college and everything in between, Alabama College and Career Guide strives to meet your needs. We know that graduation is a beginning of a new chapter in your life, and we at ALCCG want to help you know which direction is best for you and your future.

    Our writers are made up of students, educators, and professionals from all across the state of Alabama to ensure that no matter the path you choose, we have a guide for you. The mission of Alabama College and Career Guide is to help each student not only meet their dreams, but exceed them.

    The first issue was published in the Fall of 2011, and has been reaching Alabama students for six years. Alabama College and Career Guide is published by The Dan Freeman Project, which includes other publications such as Hometown Parent. As with Alabama College and Career Guide, Hometown Parent strives to make a community that is connected across all different walks of life. Our goal is to not only offer parents advice on how to raise their children, but to create a future in Alabama that is brighter than before. Together, The Dan Freeman Project hopes to make Alabama the best place for raising children, and the best place for their dreams to be realized.